Your Ultimate Nighttime Skincare Routine

Getting enough beauty sleep is far from being a myth. While you are asleep, your skin is actively repairing itself from the aggressors and damage of the day. Learn more about the importance of giving your skin enough sleep to recover and renew itself and how a nighttime skincare routine with formulas like our beloved Midnight Recovery Concentrate can work with your skin’s nocturnal activity.

Skin’s Circadian Rhythm

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or sensitive, it follows a specific circadian rhythm every day. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle and primarily respond to light and darkness. As part of skin’s circadian rhythm, it actively protects itself during the day from environmental aggressors. At night, skin works to repair itself from the damaging effects of the day.

The Magical Midnight Hour

Over the course of the night, various skin functions occur with a peak overlap at midnight. During this midnight hour of recovery, skin experiences increased turnover and can be more receptive–meaning nighttime can be an ideal time to apply your skincare products. Using formulas designed to help replenish skin overnight can help reveal fresher, younger-looking skin by morning.

Nightly Need of Hydration

During this period of recovery and repair, skin also experiences increased water loss, making it essential to apply a hydrating oil or night cream to help seal and lock in moisture. Treat your skin to a rich balm or a hydrating serum or facial oil to help replenish skin with hydration while you sleep.

Kiehl’s Guide to Nighttime Skincare

Replenish your skin during its overnight recovery process with our nighttime skincare routine. In addition to getting your beauty sleep, care for your skin at night with products formulated to replenish skin and create an indulgent experience.

Remove Makeup with an Oil Cleanser

Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

Removing makeup, dirt and oil before you sleep is an essential step in your nightly routine. After a long day, apply our makeup-removing oil cleanser to dry skin and emulsify with water to dissolve impurities. Formulated with Botanical Oils like Lavender Essential Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, our cleansing oil also has a luxurious aroma that will help calm your senses as you melt the day away.

  • Dissolves dirt, oil, impurities and makeup without over-drying
  • Leaves skin feeling replenished, soft and soothed
  • Prepares skin for overnight treatments
  • Non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive

Visibly Restore the Eye Area with a Nighttime Eye Cream

Midnight Recovery Eye

Eyes are often the first area to show signs of fatigue or aging and so a nightly eye cream is a must. Treat tired-looking eyes to our nighttime eye cream for dark circles and puffiness. Infused with a blend of Botanical Oils, our nighttime eye cream is also infused with Butcher’s Broom Extract. Wake up to refreshed, younger-looking eyes.

  • Helps strengthen and replenish the eye area
  • Visibly reduces dark circles and eye puffiness
  • Nurtures the under-eye area and along the orbital bone

Target Wrinkles and Boost Radiance with a Vitamin C Serum

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

As part of your nightly routine, apply a potent Vitamin C serum to help smooth skin texture and boost radiance. Formulated with 10.5% Pure Vitamin C and 2% Ascorbyl Glucoside plus Hyaluronic Acid, our powerful concentrate provides helps to visibly reduce wrinkles and smooth skin’s texture.

  • Helps visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothes skin’s texture and boosts radiance
  • Visibly reduces deep-set wrinkles, marionette lines and forehead wrinkles

Replenish Skin with a Nighttime Facial Oil

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Before you drift off to sleep, treat your skin to 2-3 drops of our beloved night facial oil to help replenish skin overnight. Infused with a luxurious blend of Botanical Oils, our efficacious concentrate absorbs easily to help smooth skin’s texture and boost radiance by morning.

  • Helps visibly firm and smooth skin
  • Visibly restores skin overnight for more radiant skin in just one night
  • Absorbs easily and leaves skin soft and hydrated
  • Formulated with Passionflower to support skin’s natural collagen
  • 99.4% naturally derived ingredients

*We consider ingredients to be naturally derived if they retain more than 50% of their molecular structure after being processed from a natural source.


Firm Skin with an Overnight Face Mask

Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask

As the last step in your nighttime skincare routine, smooth on our indulgent, overnight velvety face mask and instantly feel the firming effect. Formulated with Hibiscus Seed Extract and Ginger Leaf, our firming face mask helps reduce the appearance fine lines for visibly smoother skin. Use our overnight mask instead of your moisturizer 5X a week for smoother-looking skin.

  • Firms and smoothes skin while you sleep
  • Absorbs into skin with a velvety texture
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines with continued use over time

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